Sustainability for a truly 'slow' holiday

our holiday philosophy

As soon as you walk through the gate of Solea, a world opens up to you. You immediately realise you are in a different place, certainly not the 'usual' country house.

You smell the scent of lavender, you are captured by the sound of nature, you are intrigued by the bookcase full of images, ideas, you are attracted by a handcrafted piece of original design, between tradition and avant-garde.

Your heart slows down, you relax and wonder what other surprises await you. You sense that you are already inside your 'slow holiday' and you fall in love with our way of understanding hospitality and 'staying' in a place where everything is harmony and respect for nature and land.

You will find out that to build up Solea, to revive the old farmhouse that will host you, we followed the rules of green building, with special attention to water recycling and energy production by solar panels.

You will cosy up on the sofa by the pool being surrounded by the scents and colors of the land. That is why we have planted aromatic herbs in the garden and grow the vegetables that will end up in the delicious dishes prepared by Enzo.

We are Barbara and Enzo and we wish to enhance the region that hosts us, to create an intimate relationship with local traditions and handicrafts. That’s why we propose products and promote local artists. At Solea we present a selection of ceramics, clothing, and design objects created by artisans of old and new generations, evidence of the creative flair and genius of those who have transformed a craft into art. This is not just an exhibition, but a sharing with you of the great beauty and wisdom that this region offers us all. If you wish, you can ask us for advice, directions on where to find the best handicrafts and gastronomic products or on which hidden and lesser-known corners to visit.

And if you have the chance to stay longer at Solea, you may become familiar with the faces of our suppliers who bring us fresh, 0 km ingredients which Enzo will transform into the dishes you can choose from the menu, that changes every day. (Every day a different one)