There is much more beyond the 'velvet beach'. Come and discover it.

Sena Gallica, a village of sea and art

Senigallia appears a little sleepy at first glance, but will soon win you over with its famous 'velvet beach' and a cosy historic centre that, if you linger a while, will reveal so much about itself.

The town, in fact, under the Della Rovere dynasty was an important merchant port thanks to the canal port and its Fair, which attracted merchants from all over since the 13th century. Important architectural and artistic evidence remains from that period.
 From the 20th century onwards, it became an important tourist destination thanks above all to the beauty of its beaches.

Places to visit in the old town centre

  • Cathedral and diocesan picture gallery
  • Rocca Roveresca 1480 residence of Duke Giovanni della Rovere square plan structure with four cylindrical towers.
  • Piazza del Duca, with the Duke's Palace, residence of the Dukes of Urbino, and Palazzetto Baviera
  • Foro annonario 1831 still the seat of the municipal market.