Falling in love with the Ideal City

Urbino, where you can breathe beauty

You see it from afar and already realise you are in a special place. The Renaissance comes to you and welcomes you to a city where everything is art and history.

You are in Urbino: Urbs Bina, the city on two hills. The history of Ubino is inextricably linked to the figure of Duke Federico da Montefeltro: a politician, patron of the arts, a true protagonist of 15th century humanist culture. The greatest minds of the time met at his court: men of letters, scientists, architects, painters, etc. Federico made Urbino the Ideal City, a divine architectural proportion of mathematics and geometry, able to compete with Florence or Rome.

Not to be missed is the Ducal Palace, which, with its large and welcoming courtyard, well represents the historical turning point in the conception of the princely residence: no longer closed and fortified, but open to exchanges and cultural ferments in tune with the ideals of the time.
The Palace deserves a guided tour to discover its curiosities and appreciate every detail, as well as to admire the masterpieces of the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, including Raphael, Piero della Francesca, Bramantino, Titian, Barocci and many others.

Urbino is also the birthplace of Raphael, whose birth house can be visited, where engravings of his masterpieces are preserved. Visit the Oratory of St. Joseph and the Oratory of St. John the Baptist.

Nearby: Urbania