Solea is for us much more than a hotel. It is a courageous choice: it means bringing a dream come true.

From Milan to Ripe

So, we left Milan and moved here, to the hills of the Marche.

Solea was love at first sight. We had long been looking for a farmhouse to restore in order to turn it into a small Natural Relais, and although we had seen several, none had convinced us yet.

In May 2002, by chance we happened upon the hills of Senigallia. Hidden by brambles and bushes, we glimpsed a house just like the one in a child's drawings: simple, essential, maternal, fragile and generous. Immersed in a sea of green, where the gaze is lost and the soul is nourished. The strong positive energy, all of the place, gave us the strength to start our adventure. A typical square-plan farmhouse now was an abandoned ruin, as its outbuildings.

Thanks to the skillful and philological work of the architect Gianni Volpe, an expert in restoration, and with the help of the construction company of Nello and Mirko Sabatini, we brought the original nature of the place back to life, researching the details and respecting the traditional volumes and form.

At the end of July 2006, Solea saw the light. And our adventure began.