Solea Happy Boxes

Introducing our gift box!


You can choose from the different HAPPY BOX made up of delicacies cooked with love by Enzo and a selection of strictly handcrafted and high quality typical Marche products.

Not all products are always available, the assortment varies depending on the year and the harvest:

Jams with fruit from the Solea orchard: figs - angelica pears - quinces - apricots - blackberries

or from our organic growers: oranges - blueberries - currants - mulberries

sauces: traditional ragout, amatriciana, pigeon, lamb

garden tomato puree Solea

From the garden: giardiniera; artichokes in oil

Chickpea preserves from local organic cultivation prepared for passata or soups

Blended olive oil from the Solea olive grove ( leccino, charcoal and raggia) 100% organic cold pressed

Vinegar with sapa (balsamic type)

Flavoured oils

Elisir di Solea : fortified infusions with digestive properties made from bay leaves or myrtle berries

Visciola wine: a drink made from wine and sour cherry (wild cherry), slightly alcoholic.

Enzo's Cakes and Cookies



Deliveries all over the world.

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Happy Boxes are also an opportunity to celebrate a birthday, a special ceremony, or simply to satisfy your craving for genuine food.